Get Golf Ready Classes

Get Golf Ready

Get Golf Ready is a program created by the PGA of America to get someone comfortable enough to play on the golf course in 5 one-hour sessions. Each session will cover a different topic, including putting, chipping/pitching and full swing.

Our typical class size is between 2-8 and offers a great opportunity for plenty of hands-on instruction and learning

Level 1 – Saturday 9:00-10:00am
  • New Golfers
  • 5 Sessions for $125
  • 2 Full Swings Sessions, 2 Short 
Game Sessions, 1 Putting Session 

  • Must compete class is a 6 week time frame
  • Lead instructor is Ryan Henry
  • Contact - Kelli McKandless for any additional information


Corporate Get Golf Ready Classes
  • Instruction tailored to your company
  • Customized Times and Dates
  • Contact Kelli McKandless for additional information and fees