Teaching Philosophy

The Teaching Professionals at The Brookhaven Golf Academy focus on each individual’s game by introducing him or her to a creative, goal-oriented, student-centered learning environment. All of our experienced teachers are well-versed in using training aides, visual aides, and video equipment—including FlightScope, our portable launch monitor—that will help you reach your goals as a player. No matter if you are a weekend warrior, beginner or advanced golfer, we have the coach that will fit your learning style. From group instruction, semi-private lessons, one-on-one lessons, or on course instruction, we will provide you with the knowledge you need to succeed.


Group Instruction verse Private One-On-One lessons

Every golfer learns and acquires new skills differently. At Brookhaven, we offer a variety of environments so everyone can learn in the way they are most comfortable.

What are the benefits of learning in a group versus individual lessons? Here are some of the benefits of each:

Group Instruction

  • More relaxed atmosphere
  • Opportunity to hit more golf shots
  • Allows for experiential learning
  • Practice one skill at a time

Individual Instruction 

  • Increased amount of feedback
  • More interaction with instruction
  • Chance to try multiple ways of acquiring the same skill
  • Opportunity to learn multiple skills in the same session

So which environment is best? It depends. Group instruction is a cost-effective way to develop an existing skill set, even if your mastery of it is very basic. It allows you to develop an overall skill set at a steady pace. Group lessons are especially effective for learning short-game shots, especially for wedge shots. Learning in a private group setting—such as with one or two friends—is probably the best combination of price and class size to maximize learning the skills of hitting quality golf shots.

Individual instruction is great for brand-new golfers so they can learn the proper fundamentals and have them reinforced over and over until they become second nature. Once those fundamentals—such as grip, stance, posture and basic club/body movement are understood—then the student can get more out of a group lesson.

Developing one or two specific skills is best served through individual instruction. Students can zero in on individual drills and get a tailored practice and learning plan when they get to spend one-on-one time with an instructor. Most highly skilled golfers prefer individual lessons, as they desire to get something specific accomplished during their lesson.

Not sure which to choose? Ask one of our golf professionals and they will help you decide which method of learning is best suited for your golf game.